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23+ Cool logos: Best Design Tips and Examples

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Have you ever got enamored seeing a fantastic logo? If yes, that cool logo must have led you to the company’s website and made you order or follow them. That’s the power of unique cool logos, as they make you love their brand’s story. Such logos always motivate a consumer to take action that is profitable for the company. The mixed-use of pictorial marks, color palettes, text, and designs develop cool logos for the company.

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Although cool logos are attractive, the problem is creating logo designs that allure the target segment. Only some companies know how to create unique logos that can inspire the generation. If one wants the best logo, one must look at the perfect examples of top-notch companies such as Microsoft, apple, amazon, and others to derive inspiration from them.

The article will guide you toward the best design tips and examples from the best company’s cool logos that will help you create one for yourself.

What makes a logo cool?

Cool logos are the ones that help capture the essence of the brand with beauty. They are the miniature symbols that guide the audience to accept their brand positioning with an open heart. There are some elements to be considered to design an empowering logo; let’s look at some of these elements.


When it comes to logo designs, simplicity is the essential ingredient. For example, a Nike single swoosh and an apple design for Apple make it easily recognizable to many.


Relevancy is the key to a successful logo. A logo must be relevant to the targeted market segment of the company. For example, the logo design of NASA shows planets with stars.


Memorability is another critical aspect when it comes to logo designs. Unique cool logos are responsible for building a connection between consumers and the brand’s story, thus increasing memorability.

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A logo has to be such that it can withstand changes over time, something that is revered by the generations to come.


A logo should be such that it can be used on multiple media platforms. Such logo designs help develop a better brand reach.

Designing cool logos takes a lot of work as it requires greater creativity and knowledge of the brand to come up with the best. So let’s look at some of the design elements, such as.

Color palette

The proper use of a Color Palette is responsible for creating bold, cool logos that can inspire the audience.


The other important element for a cool logo is a logotype that includes watermarks, letterforms, letter marks, mascots, emblems, and combination marks.

White space

White space is another crucial design element that well-known brands can use to create impact. One trendiest logos is the negative space logo.

Premium Fonts

Premium fonts play an integral role in adding attractiveness to logos. The fonts play an important role in defining the purpose of your logo.

Examples of Famous cool logos


Apple logo

Apple logo design is one of the sought-after logo designs representing the brand beautifully. An Apple represents a thirst for knowledge when the fallen apple became the object of study Newton. An apple’s bite is synonymous with a byte used in computers.


google logo

The Google Logo design is represented by a colorful G, where the G represents the brand’s name starting. The four-color palette in G represents a google server built from Lego bricks.


amazon logo

The typography of Amazon looks like there is a smiley face at the bottom. Still, an arrow pointing from A to Z represents that Amazon keeps all varieties of products available for sale.


Microsoft logo

Microsoft logo design stands for innovation, where blue is MS word, green is MS excel, red is PowerPoint, and yellow is outlook.

Coca Cola

coca cola logo

Coca cola’s red logo depicts passion and love. The logo design’s simplicity and elegance attract the attention of the target segment.


nike logo

Nike has one of the most excellent logos derived from the goddess wing, symbolizing speed, sound, movement, and power.


target logo

Target’s logo colors are red and white with a circle with an arrow representing success and achievement in a person’s life.

Under Armour

under armour logo

Under Armor, the logo symbolizes speed, power, and strength, depicting the individuals following their lifestyle. The icon, with its simplicity, conveys a lot.


twitter logo

The Twitter logo has one of the cool designs of a bird that represents freedom to speak, which means tweet. Further, the bird’s traveling speed is compared with messaging speed.


spotify logo

Spotify is one of well- the known brands that is known for its unique logo design. Its logo consists of a circle representing the community, and curved lines over it represent sound waves.


NBC logo

NBC is the national broadcasting company with eleven feathered peacocks with varied color palettes representing the rich bird and the invention of color tv.

USA Network

USA network logo

USA Network is written in red colored with a blue tick written underneath it. The USA network is highly attractive.

World Wildlife Fund

Wolrd wildlife fund logo

World Wildlife Fund’s cool logo uses a pictorial mark of a panda. The unique logo design of panada is suggestive of a panda named Chi Chi that had been transferred from Beijing zoo to London zoo in 1958.


beats logo

Beats is among the well-known brands of consumer audio manufacturer that is owned by Apple company. One can derive inspiration from beats’ good design tips for their cool logo, where the letter B is enclosed in a circle. In the logo, B represents beats, while the process represents the head.


cisco logo

One of the unique logos is of cisco, an American digital communication technology company that creates a lasting impact on potential customers through its cool logo. The logo has a series of bold vertical lines where the small one represents the golden gate while the two long lines are towers. The cisco is written in bold small case style below the lines.


mc Donalds logo

One can never forget the cool logo of the brand McDonald’s, which is represented through M. The M symbolizes Mcdonald, while the rounded edges represent the Mummy’s mammaries.


dominos logo

The pictorial marks logo type representation of one of the well-known brands, Dominos, uses red and blue colors with three dots on red and blue surfaces. The Graphic design of the three dots on the cool logos are the first three restaurants that Domino opened.


audi logo

Audi is one of the well-known brands of german manufacturers of luxury cars. The cool logo of Audi uses its creative juices to showcase the merging of four brands, including Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer, through four interlocking rings in a transparent background.


honda logo

Honda is one of the well-known brands among car manufacturers. The retro fonts of Honda “H” symbolize the classic car that suggests safety in the car.


hyundai logo

With the company name “Hyundai” in mind, one gets a car that comes in an affordable range. The H in Hyundai represents the brand’s first letter, H, and two people shaking their hands. Hyundai’s cool logo is the perfect example of a Unique design that one can learn from.


Volkswagen logo

One can derive the logo design inspiration from the remarkable logo of Volkswagen. The branding of Volkswagen is done beautifully through a logo design where the V and W suggest folks that are for people, and W is for wagon means car. The circle represents community & unity.


mastercard logo

Creating an iconic logo design for the master card is not easy. Instead, the company employed a graphic designer where two circles overlap and use bright colors while the circle represents community and inclusion.


FedEx logo

The brand FedEx communicates a beautiful message through its cool logo design. The brand uses the simplest fonts to excite interest among the target segment, where there is a downward pointing direction between E and X that suggest speed and accurate delivery.

Canva: The perfect tool to design cool logos

Canva is a perfect logo maker that one can go for that offers help in providing the best graphic designs, presentations, posters, and visual content. Then go with Canva to get cool logo ideas so that you get your bold logos ready in no time !!

It’s time to learn design tips from the above examples to style your logo to win your audience’s hearts.

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