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Communication In Design | How To Use It Effectively

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Communication is the key in today’s world, no matter where you apply it! Communication in design is essential for various aspects of visual design. All that visual communication design is about conveying a message, whether in static images or moving forms.

What is visual communication?

What is visual communication

Visual communication design is the use of visuals to convey messages or ideas. This can be done through various means, such as using images, graphics, illustrations, or even the layout of a page or website. Visual communication is an important aspect of design, as it can help to make complex ideas more understandable or help to make a design more visually appealing.

A design’s visual elements often catch a viewer’s attention, so it is important to ensure that they effectively communicate the intended message.

In some cases, visual communication can be the only way to convey a message, such as with sign language. It can also be used in conjunction with other forms of communication, such as verbal or written messages. Graphic design, advertising, and packaging are all examples of fields where visual communication plays a major role.

Types of visual communication design

Types of visual communication design

There are many types of visual communication, but some of the most common include:


Graphic design is any image or visual design used to convey a message or a point in any context. This could include data charts, diagrams, logos, and more.

Graphic design is majorly used in online business platforms. Graphic design is often used as a tool in social media, where designers use their creative skills to change words into strategies, branding, and history and portray the digital culture to their audience.


Photographs are another form of visual communication that can communicate a message or tell a story to a person, company, or audience.


Videos are yet another type of visual communication that can be used as tools for everything from explainer videos to digital marketing campaigns.


Infographics in design and visual communication are a combination of graphics and text that is used to provide information in an easily digestible format.

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in organizational settings to present information in a graphical format.

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The history and future of visual communication design

History and future of visual communication design

Designers have long been interested in the process of communication. In the early twentieth century, many design schools relied on understanding how pictures and words function together to create visual communication. This focus has continued throughout design education, with programs like CalArts’s Graphic Design MFA placing particular importance on semiotics or the study of signs and symbols.

With the rise of digital media or perhaps social media, visual communication has become increasingly important for getting the message across; how a website or app looks can be just as important as its content in determining whether users will stick around or click away.

And as more and more companies move into the world of online marketing, the need for designers skilled at creating engaging visuals has only grown.

Looking to the future, it seems likely that visual communication will only become more important. As we move into an age where even basic literacy is no guarantee, it’s clear that pictures and videos will continue to play a key role in how we communicate with each other and with the world at large.

How is visual communication important for business?

Importance of visual communication in business

Visual communication design is important for businesses in a great way for many reasons.

It can help a firm to stand out from the competition

To better protect their brand and products to their audiences and to make a connection with their customers. Good visual communication can also help a business to communicate its message more effectively and to save time and money on printing and other traditional forms of marketing communications.

Some businesses may be more reliant on visual communication than others.

For example, businesses that sell appealing products or that need to be seen to be believed (such as fashion or jewelry) will need to ensure their visual communication design is up to scratch. Other businesses may not need to rely so heavily on visual communication, but it can still be a useful tool for them to use.

There are many different ways to use visual communication in business.

Some businesses use it more prominently on their website or social media channels, while others use it in their physical stores or in advertising campaigns. Ultimately, it’s up to each business to decide how they want to use visual communication and what mix of methods will work best for them.

What are the elements of visual communication design?

Elements of visual communication design

There are many visual elements to practice communication design. In its simplest form, visual communication design is the process or ability to create visual solutions to communication problems. The field of visual communication design is vast and encompasses a variety of sub-disciplines, each with specialized skills and knowledge.

The most common elements of visual design include the following:

Layout and composition of visual elements

The arrangement of the various elements on a page or screen. This includes everything from the overall layout of a website to the placement of individual graphic elements.


A designer must study and use typefaces (fonts) for printed and digital media. This includes everything from choosing the right typeface for a project to using typography to create visually appealing compositions like a video.

Color theory

The use of color to create meaning and convey information. This can involve anything for the designer or their team, from choosing colors that convey a project’s desired mood or message to using color in unexpected ways to create interest and excitement among their audiences.


The use of images, illustrations, presentations, icons, etc., to communicate messages visually. This includes finding or creating appropriate imagery for a project and manipulating existing images through techniques such as cropping, tinting, etc.


While the role of communication and design together can sometimes be overlooked, it is a crucial part of the process. Good communication between designers and clients can support and help ensure that everyone is on the same page, which can ultimately lead to better results and a good relationship. I hope this article has given you some insight into the importance of communication and how it can benefit both parties involved.

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