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The font featured in the title of the film “Knives Out” is not readily available for public use as it is a custom-made typeface.

This unique Knives Out font was created by The Made Shop, a design studio that sought inspiration from the hand-drawn cover art of classic Agatha Christie novels to conceive a typeface that encapsulates the spirit of the whodunnit genre.

font featured in the title of the film "Knives Out"

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The bespoke design of the “Knives Out” title font helps establish the film’s connection to the tradition of mystery storytelling.

Knives out movie poster

In the same vein, the font used in the title for the movie’s sequel “Glass Onion” is also a custom design by The Made Shop, further establishing a coherent visual branding for the series.

Glass Onion font

The choice to develop exclusive typefaces for these titles underscores the importance of typography in conveying the essence of a film’s theme and its cultural touchpoints. This thoughtful approach to font creation plays a crucial role in the film’s visual identity and overall marketing strategy.

Knives Out Font

In the Knives Out movie, distinctive fonts were used for the main title and promotional materials, reflecting a unique style that pays homage to classic mystery novels.

Main Title Font

Knives Out Typography

The Knives Out main title logo does not utilize a commercially available font. It was crafted by The Made Shop, a design studio, which created a custom typeface specifically for the movie.

This design draws inspiration from the hand-drawn lettering found on the covers of vintage Agatha Christie paperbacks, capturing the essence of classic mystery storytelling.

Promotional Material Font

For various promotional materials related to Knives Out, different fonts may be used compared to the main title logo. One of the fonts mentioned for promotional purposes is Americana Bold, which was pointed out by users on platforms discussing font identification.

Americana Bold

However, it’s important to note that due to the custom nature of the title logo, the promotional materials might not reflect the exact design but rather complement the film’s branding with fonts maintaining a similar style.

Where Can You Download an Alternative Version of the Knives Out Font?

For enthusiasts looking to capture the thematic essence found in the movie “Knives Out,” numerous typefaces exist that echo its distinctive typographic style.

Of particular note is a font that serves as a nod to the unique visual flair of the film and the vintage charm of Agatha Christie’s novel covers. This typeface, known as “Agatha Font,” was crafted by designer Nic Dennis who drew inspiration from the cinematic presentation.

Agatha Font style

When searching for this font, ensure to respect copyright laws and only download fonts that are legally available for free or for purchase.

2 Best Websites to Download Fonts

When searching for the perfect font for a project, designers have several go-to resources that provide a rich assortment of typefaces.

Google Fonts is a widely recognized repository that offers a large selection of free, open-source fonts easily integrated into web projects. Its user-friendly interface and interactive web directory allow designers to test and experiment with font families before incorporating them into their designs.

Another excellent resource is Font Squirrel, known for its handpicked selection of free fonts that are licensed for commercial use. This website prides itself on strict selection criteria, ensuring that all available fonts meet high-quality standards.

Each website serves as a vital resource for different needs, be it variety, quality, or community engagement in typography. With these sources, the likelihood of finding a precise match for specific design requirements increases significantly.

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