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Looking for the famous Bluey Font used in the much-loved Bluey animated show from Ludo Studio that won over people’s hearts on ABC Kids and BBC Studios. Young viewers are captivated by its main character – a lovable Blue Heeler puppy called Bluey – as she embarks on fun adventures with her family.

The logo font of this immensely popular animation series is making quite an impression too! To create your own unique pieces inspired by “bluey”, here we’ll provide some tips for finding similar fonts that work just as well.

About Bluey Logo font

The Bluey logo is an artful portrayal of the leading character, Bluey. This symbol features a blue and white color combination with “Bluey” written in its own unique font – one crafted exclusively for this show. Unfortunately, this custom typeface isn’t open to personal use as it is held under copyright by ABC and BBC Studios who are proprietors of the entire Bluey brand.

The Bluey font is not accessible to the public, but that hasn’t stopped people from searching for similar styles. Luckily, there are a few fan-made fonts that emulate the design and feel of this beloved typeface.

Here are two similar fonts like Bluey

Magic Sound Font

The “Magic Sound” font is so similar to the text used in Bluey’s logo, it almost looks identical! It comes with some added special characters and symbols that will make your work stand out from the rest. Using the magic sound typeface can be a great way to create content or designs resembling the show’s iconic logo.

Hello Headline Font

Searching for something similar to the font used in Bluey’s logo resulted in another discovery: Hello Headline, designed by Veneta Rangelova. This one features some unique custom letters that replace few characters like “Y,” “I” and “G.” Additionally, you have control over its size. We weren’t able to identify the exact font as part of Bluey’s branding; however our research suggests it may be a customized version of Magic Sound from images!

It is critical to remember that although the fan-made fonts may have a similar appearance, they are not an exact replica of Bluey. The Bluey font was designed specifically for this show and requires authorization from ABC and BBC Studios before it can be used; any unauthorized use of this particular font infringes upon copyright law.

Bluey Font Download

In conclusion,

In conclusion, the unique font used in Bluey’s logo is copyrighted and not available for public use. However, there are several fan-made fonts that have a similar appearance to them, such as Magic Sound and Hello Headline which do not require you to use bluey font generator tools to generate the font, these fonts also give the option to change the font size.

So, these can be great alternatives if you’re looking to create content or designs resembling the show’s iconic logo without infringing upon copyright law.


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