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Have you noticed the title text of the famous movies Indiana Jones and Superman? The thing both have in common is 3d fonts generated by 3d fonts generators, which is not the only example; you will find dozens of logos, titles, posters, etc., written in 3d text or 3d fonts.

3d text is normally used in designs that seek extra attention, like posters, flyers, brochures, and whatnot. It is used everywhere. A company hires experts to design professional logos that create the image of it, as a symbol is part of the company’s identity.

To create a substantial effect on the consumer, they mostly prefer 3d text, as 3d text or 3d fonts can make the logo more vivid and attractive. To make this catchy logo but need professional software and prior experience to create it!

Don’t worry; you will find tons of 3d text generators online that will help you to make your logo with other effects. For example, we have you covered if you are searching for that perfect site, which will save you time and help you edit the logo without complications.

Here is the list of 3d text generators and logo makers so you can make an informed choice.

Best 3d text generators for professional logos

1. DesignEvo

It is a free 3d text generator that beginners and professionals can use. It has a huge collection of text fonts, searchable icons, and shapes. Beginners can take full advantage of the provided logo templates.

To get started, it provides the library with a 3D effect curated by experts for inspiration. It has some basic 3D text logos and 3D-shaped logotypes for easy handling. Your original logo is a few clicks away due to abundant embedded templates.

2. Logogenie

It is software that helps you to create professional cards, logos, websites, etc. If you have some experience with 3D effects, then you can make full use of a huge template gallery, design options, and tools. With different settings of tools, it is effortless to create a logo using various fonts, textures, colors, etc.

This logo maker requires technical skills to benefit from the provided features. Also, it offers various different options of file formats like PICT, PDF, TIFF, EPS file, and various other file formats. It also allows you to personalize your material.

3. Aurora 3D

This online tool offers many features that make professional logos, 3D graphics, text, and more. Unlike others, this text generator charges nominal fees to let you access its features. It also provides plenty of templates that can be personalized according to your taste.

You can browse, choose and change through a collection of effects, such as reflections, deformations, mixing, also sophisticated textures like metal, wood, glass, etc. Using this tool, it is effortless to produce vision-grabbing art.

This text generator has a user-friendly interface, with instructions and pop-ups to guide you through your logo creation. All you need to do is log in, select the required colors, icons, and other elements, and you are ready. Add a few personalized touches to make it more unique.

If you don’t want easy feeding, then it offers elaborated tools and settings of customizable templates. There is a huge sample collection to get inspired by. On this website, you can create 3D text free and quickly, but if you need to download your design in high quality, it asks for some charge.

5. Crowdspring

This website provides freelancing services for designers. You can get professional, eye-catchy art by collaborating with professional and experienced designers. You can set your budget and context and share your ideas with them, and in almost seven days, you can get your work done.

Unlike professional logo maker companies, where one designer handles your work, this website gives options for various layouts. Creators submit their work, and you can choose their best work. The best part of all, after finalization, you receive total copyrights.

6. Design Free Logo Online

This webpage provides templates for your business’s personalized symbol and checks its compatibility. Though it is paid, it provides compatibility checks without costing a cent. If you like the program, you can always switch to paid mode.

It has a collection of almost 10,000 top-notch templates, some of which are paid and some free. All of them can be personalized according to your wish. Also, without logging in, you can try a dry run. After paying some nominal fees, you can use your creation for advertising, upgrading your file size and quality, etc.

7. Techzo

This is a service-providing page where professionals can get their professional logo done. It is a business with experienced designers that design for you and submit the work on time. As the work is professionally curated, it is unique and represents the personality of your business.

After completion, you get colored, high-resolution JPEG files, Black and white versions of the same, and high-resolution PNG files. The work is shared with an EPS file that allows you to customize it more. Also, you get full rights to the work.

8. Vectary

Using this online tool, you can easily develop a brand’s identity from scratch or convert the existing one into a 3D masterpiece. Unlike other service providers, you can order your 3D printed work, which will be delivered to your doorstep.

The program offers a library of fonts through google fonts, making it more popular among designers. You can personalize the effects, add/remove or modify the elements/ textures/ fonts, etc. A special section is added, which allows team designers to work on the same project.

9. Xara 3D maker

It offers handy tools to create catchy headlines, titles, buttons, etc. It has a cool feature that allows any font to be converted into 3D text, and you can animate it frame by frame. All the images you will download from here are anti-aliased for smooth and professional results.

It gained its reputation as a 3D maker due to its robust use of it in animating GIFs, AVIs, and simple flash movie sequences. You can retain your work in various options, including the regular screensaver. Hence, it can successfully replace all the other 3D text tools.

10. Photo Pos Pro

This page offers a toolkit with handy options for collages, color modification, business cards, and others. For the final touch, you can use layers, custom brushes, and healing tools. It also offers a service that allows you to change the effect of texture, gradients, etc.

You get an enormous amount of tools that professionals use, as their tool palette is huge. Using this, you can add your creativity to professional 3D editing. It allows you to draw, delete, select an area, alter the size, add text effects, and erase elements in your project.


This article is meant to provide you with a list of 3D art generator tools that are available online, which do not require much expertise but deliver the best-personalized work.

Suppose you are searching for 3D art and are afraid of using photoshop due to its technical tools and complicated process. These online tools might be a rescue for you. You can create a project using their templates or from scratch. Most of them provide customization and high resolution.

Some websites are free, and some charge nominal fees to avail of extra benefits and features. Ultimately, you can choose various options to create your 3D project according to your constraints.

I hope you found this article helpful; please share it with your peers and tell us about your feelings in the comment box.

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