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Isabella Font : Download And Use It Now [ Updated ]

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If you’re searching for a font that can infuse your designs with a sense of sophistication and allure, the Isabella font is definitely worth considering. Its exquisite and graceful appearance can add a touch of elegance and charm to a wide range of projects, from invitations and wedding materials to branding and logo designs.

Incorporating the Isabella into your designs can lend a distinct personality and a touch of sophistication that is sure to capture the attention and admiration of your audience. Its unique blend of elegance and charm makes it a font that stands out, adding a layer of visual interest and intrigue to your creative projects.

Download Isabella Font Now

Download Isabella font now

About Isabella Font

This font is inspired by the calligraphic hand used in the Isabella Breviary, a beautiful manuscript made in the late 15th century for Isabella of Castile, the first queen of united Spain.

Download Isabella font style

The font also has a large character set, covering Latin-1 and Latin-2 alphabets, as well as some other symbols and glyphs. The font Isabella is suitable for various purposes, such as invitations, logos, headlines, posters, and more. It can give your projects a historical and royal flair, while also being easy to read and versatile.

Download Isabella font

The font is a stunning example of how an ancient art form can be transformed into a modern and attractive font. Try it out today and see how it can enhance your designs!

Who Created Isabella Font?

It was designed by Seniors Studio, Indie type designer based in Aceh, Indonesia

Characteristics of Font Isabella

The font Isabella is a font that has some distinctive characteristics that make it stand out from other fonts. Some of these characteristics are:

Isabella font download
  • The Isabella font draws its inspiration from the elegant calligraphic script featured in the Isabella Breviary, a captivating manuscript crafted during the late 15th century for Isabella of Castile, the pioneering queen of united Spain.
  • This typeface pays homage to the original hand’s graceful and fluid strokes, while seamlessly incorporating contemporary elements like the Euro symbol, an elongated “s,” and an embellished “v.”
  • It is thoughtfully designed for an array of applications, including invitations, logos, headlines, and posters.
  • This font possesses the remarkable ability to imbue your projects with a regal and historical aura, all while maintaining readability and adaptability.

Can You Use Isabella Font For Commercial Purpose?

Yes, you can use the Isabella for commercial purposes, but you need to purchase a license from MyFonts. The license costs $29 and it allows you to use both fonts for unlimited projects, both personal and commercial.

The license also gives you access to the full version of the font, which includes more characters and features than the free version. If you want to use the font Isabella for commercial purposes, you can buy the license from Myfonts and download the font from there.

The font is a beautiful and elegant font that can add some charm and flair to your designs. I hope you enjoy using it!

Final Words

In conclusion, the font Isabella is a stunning example of how an ancient art form can be transformed into a modern and attractive font.

The font is a great choice for anyone who wants to add some elegance and charm to their designs. If you are interested in the Isabella, you can download it today and see how it can enhance your projects.

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